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Consulting, Design and Engineering Solutions

Nyveld Networks offers a full range of consulting, design, and engineering solutions to meet the demand required by today`s marketplace.  Our consultants are certified by BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International) as Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD), ensuring the telecommunications systems we are engaged with are designed in conformance with the latest industry codes and standards.  We ensure that performance is optimized, and that safety is considered part of the design process in all of our projects.

We are able to prepare specifications and tender documents in full detail for our clients, for any telecommunications related project.

For structured cabling projects in particular, some of our consulting and design services include:

  • Design of telecommunications cabling entrance facilities
  • Design of telecommunications rooms, with associated equipment layouts and elevations
  • Workstation floor plans
  • Riser and associated backbone cabling and pathway diagrams
  • Design of horizontal and backbone structured cabling infrastructure for any environment
  • Provision of specifications for cabling installation, termination, testing, and documentation methods, with inclusion of unit pricing schedules, considerations, and warranty requirements
  • Redundancy pathway planning
  • Coordination with internet service providers (ISP) and telecommunications carriers
  • Design assistance with UPS and associated electrical requirements with Electrical Engineer
  • Design assistance with HVAC and associated requirements with Mechanical Engineer
  • Inspection upon installation to ensure codes and standards are followed as per design

Within the structured cabling project realm, the construction divisions we engage within include:

  • Division 27 – Communications
  • 27 10 00 Structured Cabling
  • 27 20 00 Data Communications
  • 27 30 00 Voice Communications
  • 27 40 00 Audio-Video Communications
  • 27 50 00 Distributed Communications and Monitoring Systems
  • Division 28 – Electronic Safety and Security
  • 28 10 00 Electronic Access Control and Intrusion Detection
  • 28 20 00 Electronic Surveillance
  • 28 30 00 Electronic Detection and Alarm
  • 28 40 00 Electronic Monitoring and Control

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With the telecommunications industry constantly changing due to the demand of today`s marketplace, we are continuously evolving to keep pace with the latest and future expectations of our clients.  We install structured cabling systems to support all of the complex and multi-layered communication systems designed to meet and exceed not only today`s requirements, but also the future requirements of our clients.

Our commercial structured cabling solutions focus on integrating low voltage solutions to our clients that need to increase and/or maintain productivity, minimize risk, optimize space, and achieve a high level of performance in any workplace environment.

Our residential structured cabling solutions aid our clients in deploying technology within their residence or rental property.  We install custom cabling solutions within areas that may have been overlooked or were deemed impossible for various reasons at time of construction.  We understand that each residential space is unique and ensure each installation is completed to a high standard of quality workmanship with esthetic appeal in mind, without substituting performance.

Some of our structured cabling solutions for commercial and residential environments include:

  • Copper cabling installations (All associated copper cabling types and performance grades for voice and data applications)
  • Coaxial cabling installations (All associated coaxial cabling types for radio communication, video, and security applications)
  • Fibre optic cabling installations (All associated fibre optic cabling types and performance grades)
  • Troubleshooting and repair of all cabling and associated systems
  • Testing, Certification, and Documentation of all cabling systems
  • Phone system installations
  • Network system installations
  • Inspection of cabling and associated systems to ensure industry codes and standards are maintained

We work with several manufacturers, some of the structured cabling and associated equipment products we recommend, purchase, and install may include:

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The capability of broadband wireless solutions and wireless internet (WI-FI) has transitioned from a luxury item to an expectation for today`s users.  At Nyveld Networks, we assist our clients with the design and deployment of industry-leading wireless solutions that are cost-efficient, reliable, versatile, and exceed the expectations of today`s users.  

We engage with our clients as early in the process as possible, to ensure successful wireless deployment is achieved through accurate planning.

Some of our wireless services include:

  • Design and deployment of point-to-point wireless solutions
  • Design and deployment of 802.11 a/b/g/n WIFI solutions
  • Design and deployment of powerline internet and last-mile type solutions
  • Deployment of wireless service range extenders and boosters
  • Wireless site surveys and associated coverage maps
  • Troubleshooting and repair of existing deployments

We work with several manufacturers, some of the wireless products we purchase and install may include:


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Nyveld Networks provides a full range of security solutions for both commercial and residential environments.  We partner with proven security experts, having worked with countless home owners, small, medium, and large enterprise, as well as institutional and healthcare facilities. Through extensive experience, we integrate security solutions customized to meet the expectations of our clients, while maintaining the highest level of safety and quality possible within reasonable budgets.

Some of our security solutions for commercial and residential environments include:

  • Burglar alarm system installation
  • Complete security system monitoring
  • Fire protection monitoring
  • Termination of field devices and equipment enclosures
  • Power supply installation and system testing
  • Biometric security systems
  • Troubleshooting and repair of all security systems
  • Security system audits and documentation
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • IP camera systems
  • Interior and Exterior surveillance cameras
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVR)/Network Video Recorders (NVR)
  • Vandal-proof cameras
  • Covert cameras
  • Night vision cameras
  • Temperature-sensitive cameras
  • Intercom, internal communication and paging systems
  • Fleet vehicle GPS tracking systems

We work with several manufacturers, some of the security and associated equipment products we recommend, purchase, and install may include:

back to topCommercial and Residential Audiovisual (A/V) Solutions

Nyveld Networks is versed in applying the industry’s most advanced audio visual (A/V), control systems, music systems, and digital signage technologies. We provide integrated solutions using the latest technology, including the collaboration systems designed to meet today`s requirements, and the future requirements of our clients.
We design and install commercial and residential audio / video systems, home theatres, automation systems, video security, and multi-room audio packages.

From the design stage through to the completion of any A/V project, we help our clients navigate through the variety of products available in today`s market and aid in selecting the appropriate custom solution that fits the clients` requirements and budget.

Some of our commercial and residential A/V services include:

  • Design and Installation of all Audio Visual (A/V) systems
  • Customized A/V systems to fit various budgets
  • Post-sale training, operation, and warranty support
  • Digital signage
  • Scalable systems
  • Monitoring and Control systems
  • Board rooms and meeting rooms
  • Troubleshooting and repair of all A/V systems
  • Inspection of existing equipment installations to ensure performance and proper functionality
  • Inspection upon installation to ensure codes and standards are followed as per design

We work with several manufacturers, some of the A/V equipment products we purchase and install may include:

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Need assistance finding the right resource and fit for your business, your client, or a specific project?  Nyveld Networks provides staffing solutions to assist you in fulfilling your temporary or long term resource requirements.

The following resources are available via Nyveld Networks for hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual rates and terms:

  • Registered Communications Distribution Designers (BICSI Certified RCDD)
  • Registered Telecommunications Project Managers (BICSI Certified RTPM)
  • Project Managers (Construction, IT, Various Specialties)
  • Business Administration Personnel
  • Database Developers and Administrators
  • Website Designers and Administrators
  • Structured Cabling Technicians
  • Audio Visual (A/V) Installation Technicians
  • Security System Technicians
  • Information Technology (IT) Specialists
  • AutoCAD Drafting Specialists

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    On a day-to-day basis, our clients utilize telecommunications equipment and supplies in support of their information technology and associated services.  Our clients may engage us for the sourcing, procurement, storage, delivery, distribution and disposal of various equipment items that may be required by their IT infrastructure.   
    We ensure inventory levels of equipment items are maintained and can be distributed easily, as well as inspect, receive and/or deliver equipment upon request.
    We strategically partner with storage solution providers and procurement professionals to obtain the best possible value for the short and long term storage and/or procurement solutions required by our clients.

    Some of our equipment procurement and storage solutions include:

    • Procurement of goods, services, and equipment
    • Product evaluation and standardization
    • Vendor and contract management
    • Group purchasing organization
    • Shipping and receiving
    • Inventory management
    • Short and long term storage management
    • Internal and external distribution

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