Nyveld Networks Services

Telecommunications Project Management

At Nyveld Networks, we believe that the role of an effective project manager is crucial to the outcome of any successful project.  Our project managers are certified by BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Services International) as Registered Telecommunications Project Managers (RTPM). 

As a leader and/or active part of the project team, our project managers oversee and coordinate the interaction between construction management, architects, designers, engineers, the end user, and the installation team during the development and construction of any telecommunications project. 

Our project managers are proficient and effective, with a deep understanding of the telecommunications industry, personnel management, and project management in general.

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Real Estate Telecommunications Services

At Nyveld Networks, we view the property owned and/or maintained by our clients as a valued asset.  We engage with landlords, developers, and property managers within the residential, commercial, and industrial business sectors, assisting with their various telecommunications infrastructure requirements.  We believe that any successful real estate project involves the integration of information technology within every construction design.      

We consistently liaise with our real estate clients, acting as their telecommunications consultant and advisor with respect to ensuring their base building infrastructure is maintained to industry codes and standards, as well as fire codes.  We are engaged by our real estate clients before, during, and after base building or tenant space related projects and events such as new construction, moves, adds, and changes, retrofits, and infrastructure planning for incoming or outgoing tenants.  

Some of the real estate telecommunications services we provide include:

  • Design and development of base building structured cabling standards, guidelines, requirements, and best practices for property management, carriers, internet service providers (ISP), tenants, and contractors
  • Telecommunications project management, including pre, during, and post-construction management
  • Review and approval of proposed construction drawings by carriers, contractors, and ISPs prior to work being performed for tenants within the building, on the roof, and associated property of the building
  • Design and development of in-building technologies to improve performance, productivity, revenue, appeal, and marketability of a building
  • Base building telecommunications audits and inspections
  • Rooftop audits and inspections
  • Outside plant (OSP) infrastructure planning, entrance pathway, and redundancy pathway planning
  • Riser and associated backbone cabling pathway diagrams and documentation
  • Inspection of new and existing spaces upon tenant move-in and move-out
  • New building construction telecommunications consulting, design, and engineering
  • Coordination with internet service providers (ISP) and telecommunications carriers on behalf of the landlord and property manager
  • Telecommunications License Agreement (TLA) services, including development of new lease agreements, review of existing lease agreements, and contract negotiation services by accredited and experienced legal resources on behalf of property managers, landlords and developers

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Information Technology

As part of our wealth of experience and solutions, Nyveld Networks provides a full range of information technology consulting services to our clients.  We partner with an extensive list of IT experts, enabling us the capability to fully understand the complex technology involved with many organizations.   

Some of our information technology services include:

  • Remote and on-site IT support
  • Network Administration
  • Hosting services
  • Desktop support
  • Data Recovery
  • IT Project Management
  • Deployment, Design, and Optimization of software applications

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    Infrastructure Audits

    Businesses, owners, and property managers are increasingly required to provision and maintain telecommunications infrastructure within their buildings, places of residence, and workplaces.   

    Nyveld Networks` experienced team assists our clients with identifying the existing telecommunications infrastructure that may be of significant concern, bringing a valuable perspective on items that may have been unknown in the past.

    Some of our infrastructure audit services include:

    • Existing cable plant audits and surveys
    • Abandoned cabling identification, development of recommendations and procedures  for removal
    • Pathway audits and surveys, development of recommendations and procedures for fire stopping and sealant to ensure compliance with building and fire codes
    • Telecommunication room audits and surveys, development of recommendations and procedures for the management of telecommunication rooms
    • Data Centre audits and surveys, development of recommendations for telecommunications and utility requirements within data centres
    • Equipment/Asset audits and surveys
    • Rooftop audits and surveys, development of recommendations and procedures for the management of rooftop space for telecommunications and associated equipment

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Nyveld Networks provides Computer Aided Design (CAD) services to aid in providing detailed illustrations of telecommunications infrastructure where required.  With the use of CAD, we are able to effectively illustrate every form of a telecommunications design in full detail.

Some of our Computer Aided Design (CAD) services include:

  • Creation of construction drawings to be implemented and integrated into new construction drawing packages issued by a project team
  • Revision of existing drawings provided by clients to document changes or new items proposed
  • Detailed design drawings of telecommunications rooms, with associated equipment layouts and elevations
  • Workstation floor plans
  • Riser and associated backbone cabling and pathway diagrams
  • Horizontal cabling and pathway diagrams
  • Outside plant (OSP) cabling and pathway diagrams
  • Creation and revision of ``as built`` record drawings upon project completion

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Website Design

Nyveld Networks covers the whole gamut of Website Design services, from large database driven corporate sites, to the most economical "brochure-style" presence for small business, and all points in between. We are with you from start to finish - from design through launch - and will help you maintain and update your online presence as you continue to grow your business.

Some of our Website Design services include:

  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • Hosting Services
  • Usability Testing and Implementation
  • Database Creation & Maintenance
  • E-Commerce

Database Development and Administration

Nyveld Networks is committed to providing our clients with the capability to work more efficiently with the industry's major database platforms, operating systems, programming features, and frameworks.  Our database experts assist customers with the design, development, and administration of their databases and applications specific to their environment.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide database solutions that enable customers to enhance staff productivity, optimize costs, streamline compliance, and accelerate development and innovation.

Some of our database development and administration services include:

  • Custom database application development
  • Database design
  • Database reporting
  • Database maintenance
  • Data-driven website applications (including mobile)

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